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About Us: The Cafe

Situated at Puketona Junction on SH10, halfway between Kerikeri and Kawakawa, on the northern gateway to the Bay of Islands, the Palm Tree Cafe is the perfect place to stop, relax, plan your itinerary/route, have a coffee, perhaps a bite to eat, stretch the legs and freshen up. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, owner / manager Marian Ralph is the perfect host, taking pride in both her food and personnel service.

The Palm Tree is a convenient meeting place for those on the road 'get togethers' allowing people to freshen up and relax before important meetings in the Bay of Islands area.

Internet WiFi access for the road warrior to collect emails or contact the office etc. is available for a small charge on request.

For the highway traveler, no matter what your transport may be, from truck to bicycle, the menu offers both 'grab and go' fare - Burgers, Hot Chips, Pies, Sandwiches, Ice creams and Drinks etc., as well as more sedate 'sit down, relax and unwind' type meals.

About Us: The Owner

With many years experience in the catering industry, owner Marian Ralph is ideally suited to the management and running of the Palm Tree cafe. Attentive to her customers needs, she has provided different styles of dining for the patrons.

Grab 'n' Go:

For the customer in a hurry, Marian and the Palm Tree offer both hot and cold eats, all suitable to eating whilst traveling.

Sit and Relax:

For clients wishing to take a break, unwind and plan their next move, Marian offers classic meals to suit all tastes.

All our 'plated meals' can be boxed as a take-away, why not call in and try one today.


"The Burger & Chips deal at the Palm Tree Cafe is pretty bloody good !!!.
Great service... Great burgers..."

Rob L, Northland NZ.

"Best sandwich all holiday, along with great coffee."

Dave & Diana Rowland, UK.

"Cakes and muffins to die for, quick and friendly service."

Taavi and Yvonne, Finland.

"Idyllic setting with beautiful palm trees."

Kirsten and Ingrid, Germany.


Inspired by Italy's love affair with espresso, Bruno Rossi features a range of blends that are tailored to suit the New Zealand coffee market.

The Bruno Rossi blends are made from carefully selected coffee beans delicately roasted and blended by our master roaster to deliver the full body and flavour that discerning coffee drinkers enjoy.

And it's more than consistently, seriously good coffee. Take some time to savour the famously rich aroma and velvety smoothness that is trademark Bruno Rossi.

We've made it 'con amore' so you can be sure to fall in love with it.

All coffee at the Palm Tree Cafe, is brewed from the Bruno Rossi 'UNO' blend, offering a great cup of coffee just when you need it

Long Black
Espresso topped up with hot water.
Latte [ LAH-tay ]
Espresso with steamed milk It has less foam than a cappuccino. Definitions blur easily here.
Mocha [ MO-kah ]
Expresso with hot chocolate lightly sprinkle with cocoa powder".
Long black with a dash of milk or cream.
Cappuccino [cap-uh-CHEE-no]
A shot of espresso with the remainder being 50% steamed milk and 50% milk foam/froth,
Macchiato .. [mock-e-AH-toe]
A shot of espresso with a small dash of milk or cream

Cakes, Snacks, Drinks, Ice Creams &
Dairy products


We offer a range of muffins, from chocolate, sticky date & caramel, to blueberry, lemon poppy, lemon curd, the list goes on ... Guess it will need a coffee to go with it.

Melting moments

Melting moments, still a firm favorite with our customers.

Assorted cakes

Assorted cakes: as well as our firm favourites; Humming Bird and Carrot cake, we feature a range of cakes, ideal to partner our coffee.


Sandwiches, with mighty fillings, are real value for money. Salad, BLT's. Egg, Cheese ... if you don't see it on the shelf .. then just ask, we can make up to order.
All our sandwiches are made in house so to be as fresh as possible.

Chips n Snacks

Various flavours of chips, peanuts, GoNuts® etc feature in our snacks section. Along with a range of chocolates and sweets, we should be able to fix anyones cravings, Sweet or Savoury it your call ...

Ice Creams

Hot day ?, Need to chill out, have a look in our fridges, featuring a full range of Tip Top® ice creams. Magnums, Paddle pops, we have it ...

Cold Drinks

Our fully stocked chillers feature all the high street brands ... Coke-a-Cola®, Lilt®, Sprite® and more ideal for drinks on the go. We also offer a full range of still, sparkling, plain and flavoured waters.

Dairy Products

For the busy parent on the way home, we operate a small dairy, family staples: milk, eggs, cheese, butters & bread are always available. Along with a small selection of personal & grooming goods; soaps & toothbrushes etc. We can help out when you run out of bits and pieces.

Full Meals
All can be boxed up as take-aways

Fish and Chips

All our fish and chips meals are cooked to order. Complete with a small side of salad, and a pot of tartare sauce, a great meal while you relax with us, and recharge for the next part of your journey.

Burger n Chips

Cooked to order, with prime quality beef patties, this a a real meal for the hungry traveller. Chicken burgers and fish burgers are also available. Various sauces and relishes are available, please ask should you require anything different (Sweet chilli sauce, extra cheese etc...)

All Day Breakfasts

From the large 'All Day Breakfast (Bacon, Sausage, Hash browns, Tomatoes, Eggs and Toast) to a simple Bacon & egg toastie.
All our breakfast options are available the whole day through. Fancy a breakfast in the afternoon ... no problem, additions (mushrooms, extra bacon etc) are available on request.


Fizzy Drinks
We stock a full range of the popular carbonated drinks - Coke®, Lilt®, Sprite®, etc.
All available in 1.5l or 600ml sizes
Full range of Plain and Flavoured waters - both still and carbonated - Pump®, H2o-to-Go®, etc.
Energy Drinks
Feeling a little down? Try an energy drink - Red Bull®, V® etc. An instant sugar hit, just right to bring the body back to life
Milk Shakes
Offering a full range of flavours, we can make both normal and thick shakes to your individual taste
Fresh and healthy, an ideal partner to one of our sandwiches or muffins
Tea &Coffee
We offer a range of English breakfast teas, Herbal teas, and Bruno Rossi 'Uno' coffee freshly ground and made to your style and taste. Extra shots available for those who like it strong
Fruit Juices
We offer fresh orange juice as a perfect companion to breakfast, ideal as a morning starter.

For the 'small traveller'
For the 'small' traveller we offer a food warming service, free of charge to our customers. Your Baby bottle and meals can be warmed, and served at your table with the family order.

Grab 'n' Go

Snacks in a Bag
From sausages [traditional and kranskies], pork & apple patties, snapper fillets to chicken drum-sticks, our hot cupboard is full of hot snacks to go.

Hot Pies
With flavours from the Mrs Mac's and KeriKeri range of pies, we can cater for all tastes. the ranges include Steak & Pepper, Steak, Steak & Cheese, Mince, and Mince & Cheese
All our sandwiches are made on-site from localy sourced fresh produce. From the classic BLT {Bacon, lettuce & tomatoe] to a tangy cheese and onion. An ideal hunger buster.
Cakes and Sweet things
Humming bird cake? Carrot cake? or just a bar of chocolate. What ever your sweet cravings the Palm Tree Cafe has something to hit the spot when the need for the 'munchies' hit ..

Meal Deals

Burger n Fries
One of our awesome burgers, portion of fries and a small drink. See in-cafe menu for the latest deal.
Priced from $10.00.
Fish and Chips
Large piece of freshly fried fish, portion of chips, with a small side of salad. See in-cafe menu for the latest deal.
Priced from $12.50.
Muffin and Coffee
Choose from one of our fresh muffins, add a coffee of your choice
See in-cafe menu for the latest deal.

Sandwich & a side of Fries
Why not grab a sandwich of your choice, add a side of fries
Prices vary ... See in-cafe menu for the latest deal.

Find us

The Palm Tree Cafe.
1264 Puketona Road, RD3, Kerikeri.

Telephone: +64 (0)9 407 6328
Mobile: +64 (0)220 253 062


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eMail us

The Palm Tree Cafe.
1264 Puketona Road, RD3, Kerikeri.

Telephone: +64 (0)9 407 6328
Mobile: +64 (0)220 253 062


Contact Form

Please contact us, via the below form, with any questions you may have about our services and/or facilities. If you are enquiring about a booking (coach parties, private function etc.), then please supply FULL details of your requirement, so we can fully understand your needs and respond with a quote that matches your needs. Thank you, Marian Ralph, Palm Tree cafe.

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Palm Tree Cafe - Puketona Junction - Gateway to the Bay of Islands.

Situated at the Northern entrance to the Bay of Islands, Puketona Junction, this charming cafe is an ideal stopping point for a great cup of coffee and perhaps a bite to eat before moving on and seeing what the Bay of Islands has to offer.

From a simple snack and a drink to a full meal, palm tree cafe has something to offer both the young and old traveller. We even provide a small play area to keep the little ones happy whilst the adults relax in our family orientated cafe.



Bed and Breakfast:

Call us on +64 (0) 9 407 6328 to discuss your needs.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Marian Ralph,
[Owner / Manager Palm Tree Cafe]